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About me and my values

For 12 years  I have been on my yoga path and experiencing a transformative journey back to my true self.

Yoga has clarified my perspective on myself and the world and granting me so much freedom in my own being. Since 2020, I am a yogateacher and have been sharing my enthusiasm for yoga as a way of life and providing a space filled with openness, respect, gentleness, and love.

I am Sovachana - a vibrant, emotional spirit, rediscovering the power of self, with a deep curiosity for the true essence of being human and a profound belief that the power of yoga supports us on our inner journey to our true selves.

I love...

being in connection, the beauty of simplicity, the wide of the sea, the freshness of the mountain air, the warmth of the sun, the calmness of the forest, the creativity of designing in architecture, the love while cooking, the enjoyment of eating, the soul mirror when making pottery, the wind when cycling, the gliding on the snow while cross-country skiing, the get-togethers filled with heartful laughter and good conversations, my fascination for human psychology and anatomy, my heart wide open for everyone and my curiosity for many things.

My story and
my path to yoga

Born in 1990 in Switzerland, I was raised by my parents who came to Switzerland from Cambodia and grew up with these two cultures. The pressure of school and the constant feeling of being different affected my well-being for a long time. When my inner imbalance became even more severe in 2012 as a result of studying architecture, I found a way to balance out the growing stress through yoga. 

When life gave me a wake-up call in 2019, I really took the space I needed for the first time. I then quit my job at the time, packed my things and traveled to India for my first training as a yoga teacher. Detached from achievements and ideals, I wanted to find out who I really am and deepen my yoga practice. 

Through the whole yoga philosophy, the daily practice and the understanding of how my inner system works, I found myself again to a degree that i could never have imagined.

Holistic yoga became my elixir of life. It helps me to see the world through different eyes, to understand myself better and to let go of old beliefs again and again.

May this journey touch you deeply and inspire you as well to discover the transformative power of yoga.

Big thank you

I am grateful to myself for taking time to be on this own personal journey. I am deeply grateful to the lovely people around me with whom I get to share my life. I am grateful for the whole team of the Ayur Eco Ashram and my teachers Sarah Della Pietra, Johannes Glarner and Stephen Thomas, who have had a significant influence on my yoga path. I am equally greatful for the wonderful connection in my yogajourney with Erica da Veiga from Soulcity, Valentine from Kosmos Yoga, Vanessa from layabodywork, Recha from atman, Purnama and Juan and the team from Rose of Fire.

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