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"Yuj" - "Union"

Holistic yoga offers a system for how we can live. Yoga is deep consciousness work, encompassing body, mind, and soul. It provides space for reflection, seeking a meanig, and the pursuit of inner peace, with that also creating room for inner freedom and spiritual growth.

Through yoga we not just understand ourselves better, but also the world and the people around us. 

We work the detoxification of limiting beliefs and embark on a journey of self-awareness and find out who we truly are, detached from external attachments such as appearance, gender, sexual orientation, possessions, titles, positions, abilities, and activities.

The 5000-year-old science of energy, yoga, originating from South Asia, provides people with powerful tools for purification on the levels of body, mind, and soul to attain true self-awareness.

Yoga offers us various anchors to dive into the inner layers of being and detach ourselves from norms and idealizations, so that we can truly reconnect with our inner truth, our authentic selves.

The 9 most important tools
slow living

Recognize the essentials through mindful slowness.


Let go, create space in the body and so in the mind and soul.

letting go

Let go of identification and limiting believes.

rhythm of the breath

Get to know your breath and regulate your nervous system.


Listen carefully within to live more freely your true essence


Be brave, use your voice,  set your boundaries and stand up for what matters.


Lay the foundation for your stable,

 inner home.

courage to softness

Practice openness, love, respect & acceptance.


Draw your pure, authentic strength from within.

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