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Yoga in Zürich mit Sovachana Keo
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Happyhello at Chana Yoga!

  • Slow down and see the essentials in your life

  • Find your anchor for a stable, inner home

  • Dive into the rhythm of your breath, get to know it and regulate your nervous system with it

  • Explore your world through creativity and intuition

  • Practice gentleness, openness, love, respect & acceptance

  • Create space and re-connect in body, mind, and soul, detached from social ideals and norms

  • Gain self-confidence, use your voice, stand up for what is important to you, and set your boundaries

  • Discover your unconscious parts, integrate and process them as you open yourself to the (un)consciousness

  • Draw from your true self and find clarity to unfold your pure, authentic life force


Holistic yoga provides a system for how we can live.

Yoga is a deep work of conscious moving and healing within body, mind, and soul. It offers space for reflection, seeking meaning of life, and the pursuit of inner peace, thus also providing room for spiritual growth.

Through yoga, we follow the detoxification of limiting beliefs and embark on a journey of self-discovery, world-discovery, and who we are, detached from external attachments such as appearance, gender, sexual orientation, possessions, titles, positions, abilities, and activities.

We all need more inner work to establish understanding, acceptance, honesty, and empathy for our own being, fellow humans, and the world.

It's about detachment from norms and idealizations concerning the self and society.

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